Saturday, December 7, 2013

Elmo and Cookie Monster It's A Boy Baby Shower

We had a wonderful time creating a fantastic moment for baby Da'Mi.  It was Elmo's and Cookie Monsters everywhere with food and good old fun!

The Program

The Decor

Gift Table with Custom Diaper Cake

Cake Table

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Glitzy Girl Spa Party

This year for my daughther's birthday we decided since they love all things girly that we would have a small intimate spa party. There were a total of 8 girl.  Each girl had their own custom made tutu and matching flip flops.

Below you will see how I created a Fantastic Moment for an affordable price!

The Food

The Decor

The Fun

Special Touches

Moral to the Story.... Fun is right around the corner.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Outer Space Birthday Party

This year for my son's birthday we decided since he loves learning about Outer Space that we would have a space theme party/sleepover.  There were a total of 8 boys (however we had a few party crashers (the girls 5) that enjoyed food and fun also.
Technically this was a party for 8 but it was planned for 12.  There was enough supplies and food for 12+ party goers. So the total budget was $200.00 roughly $16 per child.

Below you will see how I created a Fantastic Moment for an affordable price of $200.00.

The invitation(custom made)

The Itinerary and Trainee Packets

Total Estimated Cost for Printing/Paper $40.00

The Decor
      1. Stars that spell out the Birthday Boys Name...  Streamers and lanterns hanging from ceiling.
      2. Happy Birthday Banner with space theme foamies embellishing window and window seal.
      3. Candy Table with various candy treats decorated with Balloons with bags to grab your treats.
      4. Back drop decorated with a Space Camp Poster and space theme foamies.
      5. Centerpiece- embellished with themed wrapping paper, ribbon topped with a glass mirror and star shaped candles.
      6. Utensil holder made from coffee can with ribbons.
      7. Cake Board covered in themed wrapping paper.
      8. Hanging lanterns in blue and white (comes two in a pack)
      9. Hanging lanterns that light up (comes one in a pack
      10. Happy Birthday Cupcake stand.
Total Estimated Cost for Decoration $30.00

The Food

      1. Star Sandwiches-  Ham and Cheese or Turkey.
      2. Rocket Dogs- Hotdogs wraped in bread sticks on a stick
      3. Space Crunch Veggies- Celery and Carrots with dip.
      4. Space Fruit- strawberries, pineapples, and grapes.
      5. Space Chips- with dip
      6. Space Pizzas
      7. Asteroid Meatballs
Total Estimated Cost for Food $60.00*
(Pizza was $20.00)

The Sweets
      1. Cup Cakes and Cheese Cakes- [local bakery :-)]
      2. Rocket Fuel Punch with star shaped ice
      3. Jiggly Jello Creatures
      4. Alien Pops- Smore pops
      5. Moon Pies
      6. Star Crunches
      7. Air Heads
      8. Star Bursts
      9. Milky Ways and other chocalate treats
      10. Saturn Rings- Gummie orange and lemon flavored candy
Total Estimated Cost for Sweets $70.00
(Cake and Cupcake was $35.00)
Above I have quoted the out of pocket cost to create this moment.  There are some items that I did not include such as any dishes, bowls or supplies that I already have.  This Estimated cost is reasonable and accurate.  Truly there was enough food and supplies for 20+ guests. 

Back Drop
Candy Buffet

Food Table

Rocket Fuel Punch with star Shaped Ice

Friday, May 31, 2013


Welcome to Fantastic Moments Events!  This Blog/Website will display my journey as an event planner.  It will provide information and tips on how to hire a event planner, DIY tips if you would like to plan an event of your own and ideas for doing so.  In addition I will post inspiration boards so that you can find ideas on how you want to present your event to your guest.  This site is a work in progress please be patient as I embark on this exciting journey.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Star is Born Baby Shower

Baby Showers are my favorite thing next to a wedding there is nothing more precious then welcoming a baby to the world.  I had the honor of planning a baby shower for Ms. Kelly.  It was fun it was Fantastic!

The Invitation

The Food

The Decor

The Fun

The Star Ivyonna was born May 24, 2013